Best Friends with benefits

Best Friends with benefits

Annabelle yelled from the other end of the house "Hurry up! We are gonna be late!" She is an old childhood friend of mine and has just recently moved in, as her parents decided she had to move on from their house. I decided to do the right thing as to have her move in with me. I mean, Why not? We both have done everything together. We went to the same classes, hung out at the movies and even spent a lot of sleepovers together. I get too shy when I try to ask her out. "Hey! The bus isn't going to wait on us any longer!" The horn from the bus honked out the window, and I quickly escaped my gaze, where I drew attention to the picture I have of me and her out in the park dressed up for the upcoming prom. My cheeks quickly flushed as I began to feel a little flustered. I rushed to put on the rest of my clothes, reached and grabbed my backpack and set it on the dining room table. I held the picture in my hand, clutching it passionately and sat down on the couch. The way she looked made most girls jealous at school. Slim figure, tight waist, amazing rack, thick mind trailed to the thought of her more, and with each detail popping in my head only made me harder. I placed my hand atop my lap and with continuous motions, I glide my firm palm along the meaty member, making my problem worse and worse. I close my eyes, imagining her in every position available in front of me, demanding the attention she wants. The smirk on her face, the wink in her eye, the cutesy schoolgirl giggle I hear, that thick, curvaceous, and firm ass with the way she walks to the bed in that sexy black laced lingerie, crawling on top of it. She would pat on the edge of the mattress, propping herself up placing her back against the headboard, wrapping one leg around another. "Hey, what the fuck are you doing? We are supposed to be at school!" I blinked my eyes repeatedly, realized she is standing right in front of me, looking down at me. I looked down to notice where my hand was, reaching away quickly, and stood up to cover my hardened shaft with my lunchbox.. "ohh, sorry. I was just uhh..yeah..i was meditating." My blush thickens, knowing she knew that wasn’t the truth. She raised an eyebrow, followed by a sound of disgust. "Whatever, lets go."

We walk out of the house and i couldn’t help but stare at what Annabelle was wearing. She wore a red flannel shirt, the sleeves neatly tucked up to her elbow, firmly tied up under her 36DD breasts to expose her tight little waist. A short pair of cut off jeans, highlighting the thickness of her thighs. Her dark red hair flopped in the light breeze, and wore matching snakeskin leather boots. I slow down, and lost a trance tracing my eyes around her firm round wide bottom. An ass so perfectly filled out you could use a pillow for. Now I know why all of the guys at school gossiped on how great it was every time. To actually watch it wiggle when she walked made my jaw drop and my knees almost weak. I bit my lip roughly, completely unaware what i was doing. We came to the doors of the bus, letting her walk up first as any gentleman would. I followed her to our seats as Annabelle sat down, pushing herself up against the window. I plopped myself down next to her, facing forward to the bus. It took 30 minutes to get there and I could tell she was tired as she had a bad nightmare the previous night before making her scared to go to sleep. I sit in my side of the seat, placing my backpack on the floor in front of me. It didn’t take long for Annabelle to shift over towards my direction, leaning on my shoulder.. My first instinct at that moment was since she was vulnerable and unconscious, was to reach over her neck, and fondle her big soft breasts in my hands. Instead, I reached over, placing my hand on her waist, pulling her closer to me as I was her body pillow on the way to school. Her breathing matched the pace of mine, wrapping herself around me. The smell of her hair filled my nostrils, the sweet peppermint oil infused shampoo made her smell like a candy cane. It was both of our favorite scents. Annabelle jerked hard, and I thought she must have had the dream again. Poor Annabelle. She has suffered through a lot and hasn’t told me everything and I don’t intend to pry into it. I just wish she could be happy with someone who can take care of her like I do.

Halfway through the bus ride, she awoke with a groggy face, stretching upwards to pop the joints in her arms and ribs. Annabelle looked at me with a halfway smile, and said to my face, "it happened again.". I looked into her light blue eyes, and calmly stated, "go back to sleep, Anna. you need it for today." She huffed peacefully, her smile widening as she fell back onto me. She held her arms under her breasts with her hands under her shoulders. "im cold. Why is it freezing in here?" I chuckled and slid my thick jacket off, placing it around her shoulders. "you always know how to take care of me. What would I do without you?" her face flustered at the comment, closing her eyes her breathing slowing down as she calmly fell asleep atop of me. I said quietly under my breath, "I don’t know, baby girl. I don’t know." Realizing she didnt hear me say that made me sigh of relief.

The school day ended and as we were on our way home, she fell asleep on me again, only different, she has her small hand on my lap up against my cock laying there unconscious. I left it there for the entire ride home. She somehow managed to smile in her sleep, a little giggle here and there. The bus stops and i nudge her arm softly, waking her up. She looked up at me with a disturbed look in her eyes. I shrug, placing her on my back. She clung to me smushing her breasts on the backside of my neck. Every so often i would have to shift over, correcting her position. She seemed to be teasing me on purpose or doing this on accident and not noticing. I sigh and just shrug it off, letting it happen. She giggled playfully, and i swing the door open to our house shutting the door behind us. She slid off, her breasts gliding against my back. “Im gonna go and change into something more comfy. My panties are riding up my ass and It feels like a wedgie.” i couldnt help but laugh, her face flustered darker than earlier. She grunted at me, and stormed upstairs to her room. I leaned into the couch, smiling and chuckling to myself thinking: Have i developed feelings for her? From this morning, it was merely a dream. I looked down again at my shaft, outlined in my tight pants. “God damn it.” i said angrily, pouting. I then look out to the window, scanning the outdoors. The pool just outside the dining room window reflected its crystal clear finish, the water rippling on the wall. “Its perfect for pool time” i said to myself, undressing to nothing but my underwear.

I walked off outside, lighting the porch lights hanging off the walls, illuminating the backyard. I sit on the edge of the pool, sticking my feet into the luke warm water. The backdoor leading back inside opens back up, Annabelle walking out in a white laced pair of panties, that outlined her cheeks. She wore a strapless bra, matching her underwear, a white transparent torso robe, swaying in the wind. Her filled out curves show off, her ass swaying side to side as she walked. “Coming out to join?” I said to her, looking towards the water. “Maybe. Was today ok for you?” She asked, slipping off the robe, only in her underwear. She walked over to me, sitting down one step above, only feet deep in water. She then flipped her other leg over my shoulder, resting it in the water next to my arm, scooting over sitting behind him. I blush lightly trying to hide it. I pull her arms over my shoulders to my bare chest, breathing in her bodily scent of cherry blossoms, her hair swaying side to side in my face. “Meh. it was ok. But ill be fi-” My sentence was cut off, she yanked my head back, pushing my face into her breasts, intertwining my nose into the fabric. She leaned down, planting her lips onto mine. I can taste her breath as she held there, happy and content as she was wrapped around me. My blush thickens even more, as she placed my hands on her thighs, squeezing them together. She softly moaned into the kiss, pulling back. “I noticed you have had that hard on all day, havent you? I first saw it this morning before we left. And the second time in class. The final clue that set it off was when i rubbed up against it in the bus ride.” she giggled and blushed, leaning back with her breasts drooping all around.

“I..i..don’t know are talking about..” i studdered, trying to hide my bulging erection, looking away embarrassed. “She looked at me seductively, her hands following up her tummy, wrapped around her firm soft breasts. She moaned a little, looking directly into my eyes, pleading with need. “You were stroking thinking of me this morning, weren’t you? You want to be inside of me, filling me up with your thick throbbing cock, don’t you? You’ve been wanting me. I see you peeking in the shower once in awhile.” “she continued to rub her body down, squeezing in several places, throwing out moans here and there. “M-m-maybe..Yes..i have been..” I said to her in disgust with myself, holding my erection in my hand to cover it up. “I am actually a little wet when i know you watch me..the way you see me naked wishing i was pressed up against you, on you in places.” She moaned out to me, the blush on her face darkened looking away in embarrassment. She began to take her strapless bikini off slowly, lifting it over her head. Her breasts bounced and wobbled, free of their fabric prison. She sat upright spreading her thighs out, continuing to twiddle with her beautiful breasts. “Come here.” she whispered to me, fingering a motion to hither to her side. I slowly walked over there embarrassed and shy, standing in front of her. I looked down at her tits, the globes imprinting her hands into them, her nipples between her fingers. She reached up one hand, Running up alongside my hardened shaft, the length throbbing at the touch of a beautiful woman. “What do i get in return for alittle bit of fun? I have been moist and you seem the only one kind enough to want to touch me and feel me all over.” she giggled, covering her mouth, letting go of her breast as it flopped down. She spread her legs wide open, taking her free hand and in small tight circles, rubbed her sensitive nub above her now soaked panties. She moaned at the feel, gripping onto my cock, and i tense up, looking up into the star filed sky. I mouth off: what have i done to deserve this moment? I gulped loudly, looking back down, her eyes begging for sexual attention. I say to her, “i dont know..but i only want you satisfied..” She nodded softly, taking her nimble fingers, slipping them into the opening of my boxers, grabbing ahold of the skin of my cock. With one quick motion, she took it out, studying the length. Annabelle gasped, blushing even harder as she looked away, her hand still wrapped around my shaft with a tight grip. She looked back, opening her mouth to stick her narrow tongue out, licking the tip up and down, moaning gets slightly louder. “You are going fuck me and dont stop until i am empty, understand?” She said fiercely pointing a finger at me wrapping her hand around the base of my cock, glaring into my eyes. “y-y-yes..Anna, whatever you want.” I have been waiting for this moment to come. I finally get to fuck my dream girl. Is this a dream or reality? She smiled happily, looking up into my eyes timidly. The base of my shaft began to feel tight under her grip as she shifted her hand up and down. I couldnt resist a tiny moan as she giggled at me, taunting me to take control. “You need this and so do I. So why dont you help out with your buddy?” she said to me, sticking out her tongue, rubbing the tip of her tongue against my urethra, relishing my flavour. My member twitched to the touch being pleasured sensitively. I could hear the moans come from her mouth, her wide tongue rubbing the underside of his cock’s head.

“M-m-more..your mouth and tongue feel so good!” She reached down with her free hand, still suckling on his tip. She began to play with her sensitive little flower, now drenched in her own juices. She moaned and moaned all over, and widened her mouth, engulfing his shaft all the way down her throat. The massive size almost making it almost impossible to breathe as it filled her esophagus. Slobbering all over the hard stick he possessed made it easier to swallow his cock as she began wiggling her tongue back and forth underneath. Her hand caressing his swollen balls, her other free hand upon rubbing firmly onto her clit, and her pretty little mouth suckling on his shaft was his dream vision to have happen. “You like t-teasing me? You want me hard and th-throbbing in your mouth?” he asked, biting down on his lip as she took all of him in, rubbing herself faster. She nodded, wiggling his cock into her mouth, pushing her mouth off slow and taking it in hard. She was closing in her orgasm, he felt her mouth grip hard onto his meaty shaft, now leaking precum as she lapped up whatever drained out of his cock. She enjoyed his flavor, stroking him harder, trying to get him to climax.

“You want me to cum, baby girl? Drain both of us dry?” he said, blushing at the comment he just made, glaring down her sleek sweaty body. She nodded quickly at his response, slipping her mouth off of his shaft. She looked up at him, staring into his eyes with need. She layed her legs wide open wrapping them around his ankles. “Im so wet now. Fuck me. Fuck me like you stole me.” She whimpered softly, crying out, rubbing her sensitive love button with her finger, grinding harshly her ass into the cobblestone edge of the pool. He shook his head up and down rapidly, bending down as he shadowed over her body, burying his face into her breasts. He couldnt hold any longer, rubbing the tip of his cock pushing into her clit. She moaned louder than before, wrapping her hands around his head, pushing them further into her tits. “P-p-put it in, baby!” her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, followed by grinding her flaps against his cock, lubricating it with her juices.

He slid in his hard rod, filling up her tight moist flesh, feeling it swallow his cock, Looking up at her, she kissed him deeply, puppy eyed and began to wiggle her waist, making his cock wobble all around inside of her. Inch by inch, she felt it engulf her insides all the way down. “O-o-oh my gawd! So h-h-huge..!” She cried out, slapping his waist with her thighs, clamping him down as he couldnt move. “Now fuck me, you horndog!” she angrily said into his ear, nibbling on the edge. He grunted, hearing the sound of her pleading needy voice, Softly panting against his eardrum. He began to thrust to and fro, building up pressure more within his shaft. His thrusts became harder with each pounding, slapping his balls against her ass cheeks. She felt every thrust dwell into her, drilling her insides, stretching out her juice soaked vagnial cavity. “More! More! More! Please dont you fucking stop! Pound my fucking pussy to oblivion! Lace my insides with your seed!” Her body began to shake harder, her own climax reaching breaking point.

Her flaps throbbed needingly with every second his cock shoved out, attempting to pull it back in. “But youll get pregnant!” he yelled out of fear, slowing down his forceful pumps. “I dont care! Ill push it out! Just cum inside me!” She looked away, blush turns lobster red to the comment her thighs clapping against his waist. She propped her feet up, resting on his back, locking him in position. She moaningly giggled at him, biting her lip from both pleasurement. He began to bite on her nipple aggressively, which he knew she loved. Her eyes widened, her claw like hands gripped into his hair, tugging roughly. He grunted, getting closer to climax, his cock throbbing in response to his balls tightening and clenched, ready to blow. “You r-ready baby girl?” he smiled with happiness, kissing into her deeply. She mhm’ed him in reassurance, her orgasm beginning to rush out.

They both gave their last thrusts, their last pushes to their orgasmic victories, his cock releasing all of the pressure he had built up in him. She let out a whimper of joy, giggling and gasping at the feel of hot sticky creamy and very thick cum gushed inside her. “Nyaaa! God! That feels hot! Its so warm!” She pulled away excitedly, squeezing her stomach out, attempting to push out his big load. Little streams of his white essence fleed her wet flesh in a narrow continuous stream, flowing onto the pools edge. They locked eyes with eachother, smiling as he leaned in for a kiss, tilting his head to the side for easier access. They kissed passionately, swapping eachothers saliva, wrapping tongues into ones jaw. “Y-y-you marked me...Which makes me yours..” she pulled away, her pussy now sore, began to rub her clit, releasing the rest of her own orgasm onto him, mixing their lusty sweet scents. “M-m-mine forever.”

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